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Step into a realm of boundless possibilities with our diverse collection of virtual worlds. Engage in thrilling combat with friends or foes in our combat arena, designed to host up to six players simultaneously, offering over 20 exhilarating games in a dynamic, free-roaming environment. For those who crave mystery and adventure, we present seven captivating escape rooms, each brimming with challenges and brain-teasing puzzles to fuel your quest for excitement and triumph.

Discover a new dimension of virtual reality that prioritizes your comfort and immersion. Our meticulously designed games are engineered to prevent motion sickness, allowing you to navigate through our escape rooms and free-roaming arena with ease. As you physically move around, interacting with walls and objects, you'll find the transition between virtual and reality seamless. Our environments are crafted to give you the thrill of VR without the discomfort commonly found elsewhere.

It is best to wear comfortable shoes. You are more than welcome to just wear socks if you would like. We have several popular retro arcade games as well as an Infinity game table loaded with over 50 digital board games. We also have several lockers for you to store your personal belongings when you are immersed in our virtual worlds.

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The Arena

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Escape Rooms

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