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Omega Protocol

As the last line of defense against the intergalactic alien zombie threat, your team must navigate the eerie corridors of the enemy ship, encountering mutated extraterrestrial beings with an insatiable appetite for destruction. The hum of the wormhole generator echoes through the metallic halls, intensifying the urgency of your mission. Armed with advanced weaponry and a state-of-the-art plasma shield, you engage in intense firefights, determined to reach the heart of the ship and disable the generator before the impending doom engulfs Earth. The fate of the entire planet rests on your shoulders, and every step forward is a crucial stride in the battle for humanity's survival.


15 Minutes - $15.00 Per Person

30 Minutes - $25.00 Per Person

Genre: Sci-Fi Shooter

Game Length: 15-30 minutes

Players: 1-6 players



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