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As the moon casts its silver glow over the training grounds, anticipation and determination course through your veins. Each task presents its own unique challenges, pushing you to your limits physically, mentally, and spiritually. In the Trial of Combat, you must demonstrate your mastery of martial arts, swift reflexes, and strategic thinking against formidable opponents. The Trial of Stealth demands silent footsteps, keen observation, and the ability to blend seamlessly into the shadows, testing your ability to move undetected through the darkness. Finally, in the Trial of Spirit, you must confront inner demons, overcome fears, and find harmony within yourself to unlock the true potential of your ninja abilities. Only by conquering these trials with unwavering resolve can you prove yourselves worthy of the title of true ninjas and face your master with honor.

$35.00 per person

50 minutes

2 to 6 players



Ninja Trials

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