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Astronauts, do you copy? This is mission control. Prepare to dock with Earth-Meteor Defense Platform Tiberia. Time is of the essence so let’s review the mission parameters. The largest meteor humanity has ever encountered is enroute to Earth. In a matter of minutes it will impact the station, shortly after that it will end life as we know it. Platform Tiberia holds an Anti-Meteor Laser Array. Tiberia, however, was recently crippled by a devastating radiation storm. You must restore functionality to the station immediately. After docking, restore the critical internal systems before proceeding to the station exterior in order to repair the Anti-Meteor Laser Array. You’re moving out of communications range. Remember, astronauts, humanity is counting on you. Good luck, and godspeed…


$35.00 per person

50 minutes

2 to 6 players


Space Station Tiberia

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